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Post-Covid Workforce Planning framework

Sunday 23 May 2021

Old normal, new normal, normal normal. As some businesses aim to rush back to 'old normal' they're likely missing a key opportunity to define, perhaps for the first time, what a new normal should look like for themselves. This Workforce Planning framework should help

As a CEO or senior manager, here’s questions I’d want my management team to be able to answer:

  1. What things from prior to the pandemic are likely to return?
    What models of operation will come back online?
    What habits of behaviour in how we run our business will reform?
    What industry related approaches are we expecting or hoping to see?
  2. What things do we want to return?
    What was working well for us prior to the shutdowns that we’d like to see available to us again?


Along with a whole heap of others - you can download the PDF for Decision Framework for Post Pandemic Workforce Planning here 

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