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PPE Opportunities for Australian Manufacturers Emerging in the USA

Sunday 8 November 2020

With Australia having just about wrestled Covid19 to the ground (NSW remains a bit of an issue) there's now surging demand for PPE in the USA. The Covid19 virus is tracking toward an exponential increase and PPE Manufacturers should start looking for supply opportunities

Sadly in the USA over the past week, they are adding in excess of 100,000 new cases per day. In fact the past few days have seen over 120,000 new cases being recorded. With deaths now climbing to over 1000 per day, the horrible reality is that the USA has not got a handle on denying Covid19 a community pathway.

A number of Manufacturers in Australia shifted their focus from their main product lines toward supplying Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Gloves, masks and hand sanitisers have dominated that shift. Now as Australian demand starts to fall, Manufacturers can look to the USA as a customer.

I've spoken to associates in the USA who tell me that access to PPE is problematic, that supply chains are not working effectively and that demand is accelerating. That's a need that must be fulfilled and Australian Manufacturers are in a box seat because European supply is now being turned toward European needs.

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