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The Mechanical, Psychological, and Biological Interventions of a Pandemic

Monday 19 October 2020

The Mechanical, Psychological, and Biological Interventions of a Pandemic With Johnson and Johnson also pausing it's #Covid19 #vaccine trial, it is becoming clearer to more of the public, that the long steady path to a vaccine is not something that can be rushed for anyone's political agenda or preferred view of the world.

We're learning about and just about have the mechanical interventions worked out - mask wearing, social distancing, continual hand washing and where needed restrictions of movement to ever small circles to stop infection spread.

We don't yet have a full handle on the psychological interventions - supporting individuals and society placed into smaller circles to stop the spread. Many businesses have done a great job at allowing their staff to find ways to connect whilst at home. Schools and familial disconnections seems harder, and the ideological space harder again.

And the biological intervention, despite the ideological wish-list and myth-making could be years off because it plays in the realm of scientific truth - best knowledge for now, not final knowledge for now. In that space it is always open to new discoveries, some pleasant, some less so. But no amount of myth-making will bring the vaccine to fruition sooner. And myth-making that claims it will, places an ever increasing burden on the psychological and mechanical interventions that have kept many people safe

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