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Life Versus Lifestyle - Approaching Life AfterLockdown

Monday 12 October 2020

It seems that one way or another, Victoria is going to pop out of #Lockdown. Probably not in the way we would have hoped. And so for everyone pushing for #AfterLockdown in Victoria and for the wider society, there are two questions you must confront: One -

'What do you feel is an acceptable level of Preventable Infections you are willing to live with, before being forced BACK into #Lockdown? and
Two -

What is an acceptable level of Preventable Deaths you are willing to live with?

Because that's ultimately what we're looking at here. And the degree to which you will accept more infections or more deaths is going to be almost wholly influenced by your current living conditions. If you are without income, struggling to pay rent or a mortgage, or worried about being able to feed yourself or your family. you will choose 'survive now' over 'survive later. That's the very difficult choice you are confronted with and I fully understand why you would choose 'survive now'. That's a Life decision.

If however you are confronted with a Lifestyle challenge - not able to go out and entertain or catch-up for parties with friends or take your (insert favourite toy here) out for a ride, then that's much more difficult to justify. Your choice could be framed in the following way 'It's not fair that more people aren't willing to die so that I'm allowed to take my yacht out with friends'. Because that's what it is.
The #AfterLockdown Victoria (and other parts of Australia and the world) is going to be very different. If as a society we're willing to pay the costs of a healthcare burden that will continuously come back to bite us, then the question starts to shift - if we want to pay for the healthcare costs and risks, what will we stop funding instead?

Life versus Lifestyle - #Afterlockdown

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